Monday, 8 March 2010

Why another Writing Blog?

While I'm happy with my My Freedom Pass blog, about events in London, that's more about going out than staying in.

In fact, much of what I do, as with any writer, involves hours and hours of the latter. I don't just write about events in London, either. I'm writing about books I've read, DVDs I've seen, and other home-based (well, sometimes train-based) activities.

I hesitated to start a writing blog because I'm already running two - there's the one about the U3A group I'm tutoring, as well as the Freedom Pass one I mentioned. Can I keep all three going?

I almost decided to start a new blog for the two months I spent in Spain before Christmas, but then I thought better not; it would be too short-lived.

It's because I'm writing an article about Spain that I hope to sell to a magazine, and writing a book about working in China, and various other 'projects' that I've decided to start this blog. It's not so much to showcase my work, but to blog the process - a record, as much as anything, as well as an incentive. Once an activity becomes part of a blog narrative it needs to be updated.

Most writing blogs are about creative or fiction writing; this isn't, although I occasionally write short stories and work on crime novels.

I hope that sounds halfway sensible.

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