Monday, 8 November 2010

My NaNoWriMo Journal

I was really pleased at my progress with the novel today.

Yesterday I had printed off all the chapters, which seemed to take hours, from about 4.00pm when I came back from lunch at Penge Wetherspoons, to 10.30pm. It took ages because I had to set up each chapter separately and tick a box to get 'best' quality print. Teach me to economise on print cartridges.

I kept running upstairs in the adverts during two episodes of Downton Abbey, one which Roy had recorded, to make sure the paper hadn't jammed. The printer's held together with gaffer tape but stood up to the judder. I told Roy I might use some superglue on it.

Today I went through the whole manuscript dividing the 26 chapters into 'scenes', as advised in the book I'm using as a template for the process. I summarised events in each 'scene' in a sentence written in red biro on the pages. I went swimming in Deptford in the middle so it wasn't too bad.

Tomorrow will be scary -I'm going to take the scissors to the script to divide up the scenes!

Tonight, time off to go and see 'An Ideal Husband.'

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